The premiere film studio for rent in Phoenix, AZ

Designed from the ground up to be perfect for commercials, interviews, events, and live streaming.  Highly functional, great staff, enormous equipment on site… oh, and did we mention it’s affordable?

Main Studio

-50ft X 60ft beautiful hard cyc, 5 foot radius
-24ft ceilings at the cyc, with grid at just under 20 feet.
-Massive 48ft x 58 ft steel lighting grid, 4ft on center. 6,000 lbs load capacity.
-Acoustically designed interior, with “air gap” walls and double insulation
-State of the art, whisper quiet studio air conditioning system
-12ft x 14ft drive-in access for cars, motorhomes, or heavy equipment
-Nine 4ft x 8 bank kinoflo florescent fixtures for ambient lighting
-1200 amps of power (camlock) on the ground, plus 1200 amps of power (camlock) at the grid
-An additional 300 amps of switched Edison power at the grid, plus additional wall outlets
-200amp of isolated power available, if needed
-More power available if needed!

-Nearly 13,000 square foot custom facility on over an acre of land
-Close to the Phoenix airport and freeways, but strategically outside the flight path
-Professional industrial park environment – you and your clients will be safe and comfortable
-Grade level and loading dock access
-Gated parking
-Warehouse staging area
-Makeup room, conference room, green room, changing room, VIP green room/production office
-Wifi throughout the facility
-Our own dedicated 500KVA power feed, plus over 2,500 amps of additional available generator power
-Access to the largest rental house in Arizona with millions of dollars in gear available

Podcast Studio

Built for content creators, 澳门壹号手机版网址’s Podcast studio is fully equipped with professional audio, lighting, and video needs for you to upgrade your podcasts to an affordably professional level.

High-end podcast microphones
Professional mixing, recording, and streaming capabilities
Cinema camera options for filming
Studio quality lighting grid
Soundproofed room
Pricing begins at $50/hour for audio podcasting.

Combine that with cinematic streaming or recording for a total of $100/hour.

Livestream now!

Business class, 500Mbps symmetrical fiber optic connection

Gigabit Ethernet drops throughout the facility, including the studio. Wifi coverage also available throughout facility.

Blackmagic ATEM Television Studio Pro 4K switcher
Blackmagic ATEM Mini Pro ISO
Teradek Vidiu Go streaming encoder
Four station podcast studio

Multiple camera packages available
Full grip, lighting, audio, monitoring, recording equipment
Production Services
Technicians and engineer available onsite on an hourly basis
Bare studio to full turnkey production services available

Studio Rental Pricing

We think studio pricing should be as straightforward and easy as possible – up front with no hidden charges. Our studio rentals are priced by the hour to match what the job requires. Whether you need just a few hours for a portrait session or an interview, or a multi day production, you only pay for the time you need.

Base Studio Pricing (Main studio only)
$50/hr Monday through Friday, 7am to 6pm
$100/hr weekends 7am-6pm, and weekdays 6pm-8pm
$150/hr 8pm-7am

Additional Rooms – $10/hr each with studio rental

Unlimited grip and lighting equipment access
You can never have too much light! Includes all needed lighting, grip, distro, rags, Fisher 10 dollies… whatever you need in terms of G&E. No need to scout or provide a list in advance, just pull what you need as you need it. Get unlimited grip and lighting equipment – full access to whatever we have in house – for a flat $200/hour plus studio time while in studio.

Unlimited camera access
Shoot whatever cameras and glass we have available that day. Includes options of Alexa, Amira, Red Dragon, and others. Unlimited lenses, monitors, media, filters and camera toys. Multiple cameras OK as well if we have them available that day! Let your AC run wild. $250 per hour plus your studio time for unlimited access to our cameras and accessories in house while in studio, includes a free prep day for camera equipment. For unlimited camera access, with a minimum half-day commitment we will hold your choice of cinema camera, typical accessories, and either a prime set or zoom for your shoot. Just let us know when you reserve.

Unlimited studio and equipment access
Get the run of the studio – Unlimited access to all our gear. If the gear is in the shop, you can use it. Millions of dollars of gear and facilities at your fingertips, for a flat $450 per hour. Includes studio time and use of production rooms as available. Great for bids, as you know your worst case numbers for studio and gear. Or just make everyone’s life easier and pull what you need. Everything we have available that day for a single fixed price.

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